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Gambia shares historical roots with many other west African nations in the slave trade, which was the key factor in the placing and keeping of a colony on the Gambia River, first by the Portuguese and later by the British. Since gaining independence in 1965, Gambia has enjoyed relative political stability, with the exception of a brief period of military rule in 1994.

Here we begin at the port of Banjul, up river, here you will witness lots of wildlife, birds,butterfly, hippos, you will see the men throwing out their fishing nets and the old ladies shelling oysters.

We will dock at Albreda, the onto the village of Juffure, here you will visit the slavery museum. Jullfure was a primary village on "the slave route" or "journey of no return" displayed here our Gambia Roots tour guide wil show the shackles and chains used o the slaves before auction, cannon balls, 18th century muskets and branding irons.

After we have lunch its on to James Island, the fortress tells the story of thousands of slaves shackled in the bay waiting for their destiny, your Gambia Tour Guide will be happy to answer all questions.You will also meet Kunta Kinte's family.....a fasinating Gambia trip !!