Fishing trips in Gambia

The Gambia boasts a huge variety of fish species for the saltwater angler and has become a very popular fishing holiday destination.

We offer sea and coast fishing, here expect Barracuda, lady fish, butter fish being the most popular unless you want to go out into deeper waters.

Up river and creek fishing the Gambia river is 700 miles long expect Tarpon, Tiger Fish, Undo Catfish, Sharptooth Catfish, Zambozi, Pike, Charachias and Threadfin Salmon.

Light tackle sport fishing in the beautiful & calm waters of the creeks & bolongs, or spending the day on the beach shore angling along some of Gambia's unspoilt coastline


Creek Fishing:

All year round light tackle sport fishing.

The estuary in The Gambia is a network of creeks and bolongs alongside dense mangrove swamps.
These waterways are an ideal habitat for tropical fish sheltered away from the ocean. The bolongs are calm and suited for those anglers who do not like the rough waters. Fishing here is enjoyable and will be a wide variety of species using bait and lure tackle.

Barracuda, Threadfin Salmon, Snappers, Ladyfish, Butterfish, Angel Fish, Cassava plus many localised species.

Shore Angling:

In The Gambia shore angling is very diverse, and any combination of fishing methods can be used. Conventional beach casting is often used for the beach angling in the sandy bays. Light spinning outfits is also a popular choice when fishing from the rocks and scars.

Shore angling in The Gambia is available at any time of the year and at any state of tide.
any time of the year and any state of the tide.

Shovel-nosed Rays (Guitarfish), Stingrays, Catfish, Threadfin Salmon, Cobb, Jacks, Barracuda, Butterfish, plus many other species


Reef Fishing:

There are plenty of inshore reefs, deep channels and sandbars in The Gambia as well as the mighty Gambia river. It provides an excellent marine environment for many sporting fish and also a lot of tropical species. Anglers can try out all different techniques including lure fishing and bait fishing using selected live and fresh cut baits.

Cubera Snapper, Hardhead Catfish, King Threadfin, Barracuda, Trevelle Jacks, Grouper, Angel Fish, Tropical Wrass, Butterfish, African Pompano, Moray Eel, Nine Bone, Ladyfish, Cassava, Large Rays plus many other colourful species.