Gambia guides for a perfect escort in Gambia

Gambia Excursions are fully aware of the major problem with bumsters in Gambia.

If it's your first time on holiday in Gambia this can be most frustrating. As soon as you leave your hotel in the morning until you return you will be approached by bumsters.

They are mainly of a scruffy appearance with no job and little ambition. Their only aim in life is to bum what they can off the tourist.You also get the wise,seasoned bumsters who will seem genuine, they will start off greeting you and ask you "did you sleep well" knowing you have just come from the hotel,then it will be is it your first time in gambia?

If your answer to this psychological question is yes,he will do everything to win your confidence before one of his competitors (another bumster) get a grip of you.

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Once a bumster has gained your friendship he will then come up with the sad stories of family starving, sick disabled, malaria and many, many original crap.......then it's the sting, He might not ask for anything
to start off, so after the first encounter, you think he or she is fine, they will also ask you do you want some cannabis or a prostitute, this is illegal in Gambia!

All these men and women are crooks, so stay away from them, as genuine as the may seem. It will not last, and it could prove costly by the end of your holiday! !

We however can offer you a vetted guide with no criminal record and from good families away from the tourist area, either sex male or female. Having someone to escort you will keep the trash away from you.

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You may want to go around local markets or a simple stroll along the beach, they will show you good restaurants and local restaurants, where to change money or hire a bike, horse riding or what ever takes your fancy. Gambia is a very happy place known globally as the smiling coast. We will allocate a guide to escort you to ensure your stay in Gambia is most pleasant and very comfortable.

This is a free service and you are under no obligation to pay the guide, although some lunch and transport home is much appreciated.